How can we help?

Trouble connecting?

If you are unable to connect to the internet firstly check that the router is switched on and all the cables to your router are secure and plugged in properly.

If they are then please take a picture of the serial number on the back and the lights on the front of the router and we will pass this over to our technical support team and they will assist with getting you connected.

If the connection keeps dropping firstly forget our network on all devices then reconnect. Secondly If this doesn't help to improve your connection carry out a rest on your router.

If the drops in connection continue to occur please make a note of the date, times and devices your are on when the drops in connection are occurring. Then contact our support team and we will pass this over to our technical to support to investigate the matter. 

Our mission.

We’re a new company with big ambitions. And we’re putting people and productivity at the heart of our business. In a nutshell, we’re on a mission to let the future flow into lives and work by providing ultrafast, flawless connectivity that enhances living and empowers businesses.

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