We are 4th Utility.

We are an independent broadband ISP supplying ultrafast connectivity to homes and businesses across the UK via our own fibre optic network. With government backing, we partner with residential and commercial landlords, and property developers to install and upgrade their properties with state-of-the-art fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP or full fibre) technology.

We help our partners future-proof their developments and make their properties more attractive to buy and let. And we enhance quality of life and work for property owners and tenants by giving them access to some of the fastest broadband speeds in the country. Whether our services are required for business or pleasure, we can be relied upon to deliver exceptional connectivity that puts the future at everyone’s fingertips.
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Why we're here.

We’re here for anyone who believes that broadband is an essential utility - because it is. We’re here to provide a faster, more enjoyable, all-round better alternative to what Big Broadband have been offering customers for years.

We believe it’s time for change. Time for this internet loving nation to experience the same unfiltered full fibre joy that other countries, such as Spain, Portugal and Japan, for example, have been enjoying for some time. We think it’s time to let the future flow.

Why we're different.

Our difference is simple. We maintain and build our own networks which means we’re not reliant on old technology: we use fibre optic cabling not copper telephone wires. And we belong to a new breed of alternative networks which means we’re not held back by old thinking: we believe ultrafast internet is a necessity not a luxury. We are invested in the technological progress of the nation and we’re doing our bit by delivering the future of broadband to our customers.

Our mission.

We’re a new company with big ambitions. And we’re putting people and productivity at the heart of our business. In a nutshell, we’re on a mission to let the future flow into lives and work by providing ultrafast, flawless connectivity that enhances living and empowers businesses.

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