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Don't Miss Our CIO Speaking at Connected Britain!

Not long until the Connected Britain Conference, have you got your ticket? If not, grab them quickly!

Our CIO, Jimmy Acton, will be speaking on September 20th at 14:20pm, on the panel discussing ‘Capitalising on data resources to optimise rollout’. This panel will address topics such as, 

  • How can data resources be leveraged most effectively?
  • Data’s role in minimising disruption to the public during network delivery
  • Data’s role in enabling service innovation
  • Will the role of data change as networks expand?

 Throughout the two days in which the conference takes place, there will be 250 industry professionals providing an informative insight into the future of connectivity. This amazing opportunity allows you to network with 3000 likeminded individuals and view 150 exhibitors; overall a total of 800 organisations from the world of connectivity plan to attend. 

“I’m looking forward to returning to Connected Britain this year and excited to see emerging technologies and how they can help the sector with the day-to-day challenges. I’m also looking forward to the panel and discussing how at 4th Utility we’re leveraging data to help us go faster” says Jimmy.

As the obsoletion of copper wiring approaches, the event aims to supply an understanding of the technology and regulations for the upcoming rollout.

Connected Britain is back on September 20th & 21st at the Business Design Centre, London. Follow the links below to find out more and purchase tickets to see our CIO speak. 


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